Pure milk source

Our requirements for infant and child food ingredients are natural and pure

Therefore, we work on strict sustainable ecological management including forage, soil, water, air and etc. Let nature give cows, sheep optimal energy.

  • 01

    Select high quality milk sources, nutritious

    With two ranches: Sunshine Coast natural dairy sheep ranch, 47°degrees north latitude golden milk source organic cow ranch.

  • 02

    Drink sweet natural mineral water

    Organic ranch is nearby natural water sources which have rich minerals. Cows, pastures and ranch all enjoy the nourishment of nature.

  • 03

    Organic forage planting, no ripening treatment

    Natural organic ranch, rich soil, lush grass

  • 04

    1000㎡/ Natural Ranch, free range

    Organic ranch has been naturally purified over 5 years, no use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Free range cows have super athletic ability and healthy body.